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Selenium learning Road map

Learn Selenium WebDriver in below easy steps and transform yourself into Automation Tester.

Audience: Those who wants to learn Selenium.

Don’t know about any programming language, no worries to learn Selenium WebDriver, no need to be a master in programming. If you know Object Oriented Programming Language concepts and small amount of programming you could be master in Selenium WebDriver. Below road map is simplified, to kick start yourself to become Automation tester.

Using selenium you can automate any Web application on different set of Web browsers and Operating Systems. Analyse yourself where you are in below milestone. Complete each goal and move towards next milestone.

After running one successful test by following below road map.

What next? Learn below important modules.
  1. TestNG framework (Used for writing tests).
  2. Data driven tests using Excel, XML etc.
  3. Logging of test execution details.
  4. Reporting.
  5. Exception handling.
  6. Re-execution of failed test cases.
  7. Maven.
  8. Managing code versions using Code configuration tools. Example : Git, SVN.
  9. Learn Git hosting services such as GitHub, BitBucket.
  10. API testing using Selenium.
  11. Framework designing. (Hybrid, Data driven, Keyword driven, BDD(Cucumber), TDD).
  12. Jenkins (For automated and scheduled test execution).Configure Selenium

Understand Web ElementLocators in SeleniumActions on Web ElementsDesign ScriptExecute Script and Take Screenshots


I hope you like this small introductory article, which will help you in finding, where you are in automation learning path and It will also give you the direction what to do next.

Thanks for reading!

Learn bit by bit!

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