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RPA and The Testing future

As a Testing professional many times we have an uncertainty whether to grow up our career in Manual testing or Automation testing.

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RPA Vs Traditional Automation

In “RPA Vs Traditional Automation” blog, I have compared the RPA(Robotic Process Automation) and Traditional Automation with respect to various parameters.

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How to learn UiPath by yourself?

You can learn UiPath (RPA tool), for free and get certified, UiPath provides very good and detailed documentation on it. Read this blog to know about how you can do that.

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Selenium learning Road map

Learn Selenium WebDriver in below easy steps and transform yourself into Automation Tester. Don’t know about any programming language, no worries to learn Selenium WebDriver, no need to be a master in programming. If you know Object Oriented Programming Language concepts and small amount of programming you could be master in Selenium WebDriver. Below road map is simplified, to kick start yourself to become Automation tester.

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