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Automation Testing and Development Assistance?

Do automation testing need a assistance from development team?

Don’t you think my question is a weird question? As many times there is cold war situation in testing and development.

No, it’s not weird. Let’s understand how and why we need assistance from development team to implement the automation in project.

First of all let me crystal clear on, the assistance which I am talking about here is not for actually testing an application.

Let’s understand with some example.

Suppose you want to automate web application using selenium but you found that none of the webpages are having web element which can be identified uniquely.

Let’s also consider using different types of locators you cannot identify elements easily.

So, How you can automate your web application using selenium?

Should we ask development team to add unique identifiers to web elements?

Yes, we need to approach to project manager or development team to make a decision on adding such unique identifiers to the web elements so that we can automate an application very easily.

Maybe a development team or the project management will not consider your request because it could be a additional work for the development team.

It’s individuals responsibility to make everyone understand that, automation is not only asset of testing but for a project. Delivering quality product to the client is the ultimate goal. Small additional work done while coding can make huge difference during project development.

There is one other aspect of looking at this as below.

Basically this can come under following the coding standards while developing an application, so that application can be easily automated otherwise it’s very painful to automate.

Other areas where development assistance is very helpful are as below:

  • Some development code which can be useful in automation framework to expedite framework building process.
  • Example : Shortcut to test data creation, which development team might already be using in there Unit testing.
  • Assistance in framework designing etc.
  • Assistance in the form sharing technical details about interfaces and databases which sometimes hidden for testing team.

Have you come across such assistance from development team? Feel free to share with us.

Thanks for reading!

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