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Opportunities for IoT and Automation in Covid Time

Has Covid19 embraced new opportunities for IoT infrastructure and Automation?

Want to know the answer then read this Article.

We know that Covid 19 has made most of the small/ big businesses to collapse or start thinking in new direction.

Can this be the opportunity for Automation, IoT and for different technologies?

Yes, it is opportunity for Business as well as individuals.

If we take some specific examples such as Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management or products/ food delivery.

These fields involves lot of human intervention and tracking.

Due to Covid it’s the need of time for things to happen seamlessly and with less human interaction.

This can be achieved through Automation implementation and IoT infrastructure.

Automation will make sure that things will happen with minimal human interaction.

IoT will help us in tracking information at various levels.

Will this affect human labour?

Definitely yes but in terms of up skilling human efforts.

As covid is destructing economy but simultaneously creating new opportunities.

Which areas you think IoT and Automation will add value in Covid situation?

You can add your thoughts in comments section.

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