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How to be ISTQB certified?

We think about doing certification and we don’t know how to proceed, so in this article I will be focusing on how to be a ISTQB certified. If you’re working into software testing or would like to work.

Why to do Certification?

Certification helps us in a different ways such as standing out of crowd then getting the more insights about the testing.

Who should do ISTQB certification?

ISTQB certification can be done by any engineer or any graduate person who want to move into a software testing. or if you want to gradually move towards the different levels of the testing you can do the ISTQB certification. There are various levels of certification.

Based on your interest and eligibility you can choose the Certification. Always refer to website for legitimate information.

How to proceed with ISTQB Certification?

There are various platforms or the vendor (exam partners) are available which provides ISTQB Certification but you need to be cautious while choosing the platform and need to know a genuine ISTQB platform for doing the certification.

Then you need to do registration for the certification and choose the exam date.

Then crucial thing is to study for certification. On ISTQB website you will get the course you would like. Based on that start preparing for certification.

Once you feel that you are prepared for exam, you can take some ISTQB free mock tests.

Find some very good material for your mock tests. These tests will boost your confidence for certification and also you will get to know about areas of improvement.

Click on below link to do the self assessment.

Take your first ISTQB mock test.

Once you work on improvement areas you can go ahead and appear for the test.

Looks simple right! If you have question or concern drop us at or comment in comment section.

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