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Your mindset while switching from development to testing

In this article, we will have light on “What should be the individual’s mindset while switching from Development to Testing”.

Should he/she carry same mindset as that of Development while switching to Testing?

Obviously not, but good practices specifically for Automation Testing mentioned below will definitely be a added advantage.

  • Understanding of the DevOps Pipeline.
  • Coding Guidelines/Standards.
  • Repository Management.
  • Review Techniques etc.

What is the difference between Testing and Development mindset?

  • Developer Mindset
    • Constructive mindset.
    • Don’t think about how user can break system.
    • Works in limited scope of the project i.e concentrating on assigned module.
    • May not be aware of dependent and interfacing modules.
    • Which can lead to some assumptions.
    • Positive thinking.
  • Testers Mindset
    • Destructive approach to identify defects.
    • Aware of the whole solution.
    • Understanding of the any other old applications to which system is interacting with.
    • Writing scenarios by considering all above scenarios.
    • Tester draws various positive/negative scenarios.

Which important things Developer should keep in mind while switching to Testing?

  • Need to learn all Manual Testing techniques.
  • Need to have domain knowledge.
  • Need to understand application as a whole from customer’s perspective.
  • Should have understanding of all the dependent underlying applications.

Can Developer become Good Tester?

Definitely, if developer accommodates above mentioned skills. Its also the best opportunity to expand his horizon to Automation Testing and contribute there as well.

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