Understanding Web Elements:

This article shows few important web elements, that one should know before actually start learning Selenium WebDriver. Each web page is consist of number of web elements, user interact with web elements to perform particular task.

We perform some actions on web element to carryout some task, in similar way Selenium WebDriver interact with web elements  to carry out particular actions.

What are those actions? Note: Please don’t confuse with selenium “action” class, here I am using actions word for what user can do with particular web element.

Let’s us go through various web elements and actions we can perform on them.

Note: In Selenium to perform these actions, WebDriver provide us various ready made functions to interact with them, those we will see in next article.

Menu and Sub menus:

Text box:













Radio Buttons:






Check box list:






Drop down:


Multiple selection:








Horizontal Slider:


Vertical Slider:







Date Picker:









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