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Not interested in Coding? but still want to do automation.

Fear of coding sometimes don’t let us proceed with Automation Testing.

Many Testers who are expert in Manual/Functional Testing hesitate to start Automation Testing.

So, Is it possible to do Automation without coding?

Yes, there are various tools available in the market which can help you in implementing automation without coding.

List of Automation tools and their capabilities:

  • Postman : API Requests can be automated using Postman tools. To get command line ability and more flexibility one can use Newman.
  • SoapUi : SoapUi is one of the most popular tool in for doing API testing. It’s popular features such as running multiple requests at a time, Transferring response content to the next request, Soap Requests can be made data driven etc.
  • Selenium IDE : This is Open source UI Automation tool, which also offers a Browser based plugin for quick record and play of Ui Test.
  • Macro : Lot of small repeated work can be automated using Excel Macros.
  • Browser based Record and Play tools
  • Notepad++: Yes I am serious, I have added this tool, Notepad++ has lot of plugins and Automation capabilities, just try it out.
  • Katalon studio.
  • Already existing keyword driven frameworks.
  • And there are lot more API and UI Automation tool exist in market which does not require coding skills.
  • UiPath : Not a testing tool, but very popular in Process Automation.

Tool list is not limited to above list, there are lot more tools which are available in the market.

Play around with above tool, I am sure you will enjoy Automation.

Eventually, it might be possible that you will develop interest in coding,once you do something different in Automation. Again this is not necessary but could be once choice.

Thanks for reading, if you like it then spread the word.

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